Research & Clinical Trials

As a Texas Urology Specialists patient, you may have the opportunity to receive newly-developed treatments or investigational drugs through participation in clinical trials. Although they are unproven, new treatments and drugs may result in the alleviation of your symptoms.

To receive these experimental treatments, you will likely be required to participate in research studies or clinical trials. These clinical trials are designed to evaluate new treatment options as part of a deliberate and comprehensive research process that often takes years. Clinical trials test the safety and effectiveness of new or modified treatments in patients using new drugs, unique approaches to surgery and radiation therapy, or various combinations of treatments.

If you are interested in learning more about Research and Clinical Trials and if you qualify, please review the list of available trials below and discuss those options with your Texas Oncology Physician.


Are you a man over the age of 50 with symptoms of an enlarged prostate such as slow urinary stream, urgent or frequent urination and/or getting up at night to urinate? If so, you may qualify for one of two research studies. If you are not taking either Proscar or Avodart, and have not had prostate surgery you are potentially a candidate for one of our BPH trials.


Are you getting up at night to urinate 2 or more times on average? If so, you are suffering from nocturia. Treatment options at present have had only modest success. We are studying a medication for treatment of this troubling condition.

Overactive Bladder (OAB)

If you are at least 18 years old, urinating 8 times or more and have accidents due to urgency at least twice a day, have not been treated with OAB meds more than 3 times a year, you might qualify in our study.

Prostate Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer and are choosing active surveillance or radiation therapy, you might be eligible to participate in one of two clinical trials of an immunotherapy approach called ProstAtak®. ProstAtak® kills tumor cells and stimulates the body’s own immune system to detect and destroy cancer cells – like a vaccine against the cancer.

The two studies are:

  • Phase III Study of ProstAtak® Immunotherapy with Standard Radiation Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer (PrTK03). This study is for patients that have not had surgery or radiation for prostate cancer and:
    • have intermediate-risk disease (any or all of the following: PSA 10-20 ng/ml, Gleason score =7, T2b-T2c) or a single high-risk feature (PSA>20 ng/ml, Gleason score 8-10, or T3a)
    • are planning to receive standard external beam radiation therapy
  • Randomized Controlled Trial of ProstAtak® Immunotherapy During Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer (ULYSSES). This study is for patients that have not had any prostate cancer treatment and:
    • are planning at this time to be monitored on active surveillance rather than choosing radical treatment.

Interested patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Sukin at 281-351-5174.

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