Physician Publications

A list of recent publications related to cancer research conducted by our urologists.

Current Opinions in Urology
Genomic Testing for Localized Prostate Cancer: Where Do We Go from Here?
Contributing Physician(s):
Loeb S, Ross AE
European Urology
Ability of a Genomic Classifier to Predict Metastasis and Prostate Cancer-specific Mortality after Radiation or Surgery based on Needle Biopsy Specimens
Contributing Physician(s):
Nguyen PL, Haddad Z, Ross AE, Martin NE, Deheshi S, Lam LLC, Chelliserry J, Tosoian JJ, Lotan TL, Spratt DE, Stoyanova RS, Punnen S, Ong K, Buerki C, Aranes M, Kolisnik T, Margrave J, Yousefi K, Choeurng V, Davicioni E, Trock BJ, Kane CJ, Pollack A, Davis JW, Feng FY, Klein EA
Journal of Clinical Oncology
Genomic Classifier Augments the Role of Pathological Features in Identifying Optimal Candidates for Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in Patients With Prostate Cancer: Development and Internal Validation of a Multivariable Prognostic Model
Contributing Physician(s):
Dalela D, Santiago-Jiménez M, Yousefi K, Karnes RJ, Ross AE, Den RB, Freedland SJ, Schaeffer EM, Dicker AP, Menon M, Briganti A, Davicioni E, Abdollah F
Journal of Urology
Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI Improves Classification of Prostate Lesions: A Study of Pathologic Outcomes on Targeted Prostate Biopsy
Contributing Physician(s):
Druskin SC, Ward R, Purysko AS, Young A, Tosoian JJ, Ghabili K, Andreas D, Klein E, Ross AE, Macura KJ
Journal of Urology
PSMA-targeted 18F-DCFPyL PET/CT in the Preoperative Staging of Men with High-risk Prostate Cancer: Results of a Prospective Phase II Single-Center Study
Contributing Physician(s):
Gorin MA, Rowe SP, Patel HD, Vidal I, Mana-Ay M, Javadi MS, Solnes LB, Ross AE, Schaeffer EM, Bivalacqua TJ, Partin AW, Pienta KJ, Szabo Z, De Marzo AM, Pomper MG, Allaf ME
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Diseases
Use of the Prostate Health Index for Detection of Prostate Cancer: Results from a Large Academic Practice
Contributing Physician(s):
Tosoian JJ, Druskin SC, Andreas D, Mullane P, Chappidi M, Joo S, Ghabili K, Agostino J, Macura KJ, Carter HB, Schaeffer EM, Partin AW, Sokoll LJ, Ross AE
Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Multigene Testing in Localized Prostate Cancer
Contributing Physician(s):
Ashley E. Ross
Journal of Urology
Molecular Analysis of Low Grade Prostate Cancer Utilizing a Genomic Classifier of Metastatic Potential
Contributing Physician(s):
Klein EA, Santiago-Jiménez M, Yousefi K, Robbins BA, Schaeffer EM, Trock BJ, Tosoian J, Haddad Z, Ra S, Karnes RJ, Jenkins RB, Cheville JC, Den RB, Dicker AP, Davicioni E, Freedland SJ, Ross AE
Lancet Oncology
Development and Validation of a 24-Gene Predictor of Response to Postoperative Radiotherapy in Prostate Cancer: A Matched Retrospective Analysis
Contributing Physician(s):
Zhao SG, Chang SL, Spratt DE, Erho N, Yu M, Ashab HA, Alshalalfa M, Speers C, Tomlins SA, Davicioni E, Dicker AP, Carroll PR, Cooperberg MR, Freedland SJ, Karnes RJ, Ross AE, Schaeffer EM, Den RB, Nguyen PL, Feng FY
Nature Reviews Urology
Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer: Definitions, Clinical Outcomes and Treatment Considerations
Contributing Physician(s):
Tosoian JJ, Gorin MA, Ross AE, Pienta KJ, Tran PT, Schaeffer EM