Physician Publications

A list of recent publications related to cancer research conducted by our urologists.

Cancer Gene Therapy
Intraprostatic Distribution and Long-Term Follow-Up After AdV-tk Immunotherapy as Neoadjuvant to Surgery in Patients with Prostate Cancer
Contributing Physician(s):
A Rojas-Martinez, AG Manzanera, SW Sukin, J Esteban-Maria, JF Gonzalez-Guerrero, L Gomez-Guerra, R Garza-Guajardo, JP Flores-Guterrez, G Elizondo Riojas, I Delgardo-Enciso, R Ortiz-Lopez, LK Aguilar, EB Butler, HA Barrera-Saldana, and E Aguilar-Cordova
Molecular Therapy
In Vivo Surgical Resection Plus Adjuvant Gene Therapy in the Treatment of Mammary and Prostate Cancer
Contributing Physician(s):
Sukin SW, Chhikara, Zhu Z, Ayala G, Kadmon D, Miles BJ, Thompson TC, Aguilar-Cordova E
Contemporary Urology
Case Studies in Voiding Dysfunction
Contributing Physician(s):
Mutchnik SE, Sukin SW, Boone, TB
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Does Slow Release of 5-Fluorouracil and Triamcinolone Reduce Subglottic Stenosis?
Contributing Physician(s):
Ingrams DR, Sukin SW, Ashton P, Valtonen HJ, Pankratov MM, Shapshay SM