Telemedicine at Texas Urology Specialists

Specialized cancer care no matter where you live

Telemedicine enables our urologists to connect directly with patients who need highly specialized care, even if they live many miles away from the physicians’ offices and clinics. With telemedicine, patients across Texas have access to our extensive and diverse expertise, while saving time and expense by limiting travel to a distant treatment facility. It also offers patients options to visit with their doctor when traveling to the clinic is not ideal. Travel to the clinic may not be ideal because either the patient is at risk or the patient may live in a community at risk.

Request a Telemedicine Consult

Telemedicine does not completely eliminate the need for patients to travel for certain aspects of treatment and in-person doctor visits. But the robust communications technology effectively extends the reach by allowing many consultations, follow-up visits, and acute care visits to take place remotely. This is vitally important in many areas of Texas, where access to specialty healthcare is limited, and when patients can’t come to the clinic.

For example, during the coronavirus epidemic, Texas Urology Specialists grew telemedicine services to many of our urologists to allow them to evaluate patients that have infectious risk without bringing them in to the clinic. It also allows us to continue to actively follow our regular patients while keeping our clinic volumes low. We are also using this platform for the routine care and follow up of our patients who are not on active treatment, as this allows us to serve them and address their needs while they are at home. We can also use this platform to support our patients who are on active treatment.

Currently, telemedicine from Texas Urology Specialists requires patients to follow these instructions to request a consult.

For more information, and to find out if your case is appropriate for Texas Urology Specialists' telemedicine capability, contact your location for more information.